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Electrolysis Treatments

Isolate and treat individual hair for permanent reduction, even blonde and gray hairs.

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What Is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis hair removal is a process that uses a small electrical current to destroy the hair follicle, preventing the hair from growing back. Here's an another way to thing about it.

Imagine you have a pesky weed growing in your garden. You could try pulling it out by the roots, but sometimes the roots are too deep and the weed keeps coming back. Instead, you could use electrolysis to zap the weed and kill it at the root. Just like the weed, the hair follicle is the root of the hair, and electrolysis can be used to destroy it and prevent the hair from growing back.

So, instead of constantly trying to pluck or shave unwanted hairs, you can use electrolysis to get rid of them for good!


Skill Required: High

Pulse length: Instant

Thermolysis, also known as shortwave method, high frequency method, destroys the hair follicle by heat or electrocoagulation. With thermolysis treatment, high frequency radio energy is emitted (mostly) from the tip of the electrolysis needle, first inserted into the hair follicle. The high frequency energy agitates the molecules making up the hair growing cells. This agitation causes the cells to heat, ideally to the point of permanent tissue destruction. This destruction is referred to as electrocoagulation.

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Christina P on Google

Love all the staff at Spotless, they all are very knowledgeable and do an amazing job. My favourite treatments are hydra-facial and laser genesis…

Lauren S on Google

After countless years of searching for proven and lasting results in laser hair removal with PCOS, I have never had an experience as successful as I have with Spotless. Their Nd:YAG treatments have significantly changed my life.

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I've tried a few places for laser hair removal and my hair kept coming back after 4 months. I'm so happy I found Spotless. I'm pretty much hairless now after using their YAG laser. I’ve recommended all my friends and family to them. Thank you!


Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis

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