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Its overwhelming to keep up with all the treatments and techniques these days. For over 23 years, we have helped our loyal customers gain confidence and feel comfortable in their own skin. Trust us to recommend only the most effective treatments for your goals and budget, helping your beauty money go further. Start your journey to a razor less and makeup free life with laser hair removal, electrolysis and microneedling treatments.

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Laser Hair Removal

Spotless Laser is the expert in laser hair removal. With our advanced lasers, you can expect to see fast and permanent results. Unlike shaving, our cosmetic laser procedures target the root of the problem.  The lasers we use are designed to penetrate below the surface of your skin to reach the base of your hair (the follicle) with light energy, destroying its root while preserving the skin.

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  • Laser Hair Removal
I love the experience that Spotless Laser has given me. Any time I go I am greeted with smile. They send reminders about appointment times, the rooms are nice and quiet. And the service is spectacular. Daljit mam she is thorough and ensures that she focuses her technique based on my results and experience. I am completely satisfied, with the treatments, the staff and the facility. I would say i had the lovely opportunity to receive a treatment from spotless laser. Miss daljit She is easily one of the nicest women I’ve met in my life. Her warm demeanour and professionalism made my experience a very comfortable one. Thank you mam! yeahI was quite nervous for my first treatment as it's quite a personal procedure. She made me feel relaxed and ensured that I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure; asking me if I was okay or wanted to take a break.They change the laser settings during your session. If you ask them to use higher power, they will in the moment .I also had microdermabrasion treatment from her daughter. She is also very professional n make sure u r completely comfortable during treatment. They have reasonable prices too i guess fr all treatments. I am so happy with the results of laser n microdermabrasion treatments from spotless laser and i would recommend them to anyone i know . So girls out there feel free just go there u wont regret it. Many thanks to Daljit mam n ofcourse to Banisha a wonderfull daughter.
Lotus Kuku
Lotus Kuku
08:33 15 May 19
Started doing laser on my chest and stomach because I plan to get tattooed and didn't want to be shaving till the end of time to keep them looking clean and now i have moved on to doing my whole legs as well which i also plan to tattoo. Super happy with the results, great comfortable environment and the technician is awesome. Definitely would recommend Spotless.
Taylor Nailen
Taylor Nailen
00:31 02 May 19
I was surprised by this well-equipped place and i like Daljit she is very knowledgeable.I felt very comfortable.
prathyusha boppudi
prathyusha boppudi
19:54 06 Dec 18
Amazing lazer. Its less painful and worth it. She is very nice and makes comfartable. Thank u
sapna paudel
sapna paudel
18:42 29 Oct 18
I have been seeing Daljit on and off (my choice) since Spring 2016. I was 4 months post parting, and unhappy with hair. Everywhere. Daljit was kind and gentle, and helped talk me through electrolysis vs laser. Here we are, 2 years later. I am happy. Confident. An all around better person because of Daljit and Spotless Laser. Make an appointment today.
Jennifer Lalani
Jennifer Lalani
15:44 27 Aug 18
I started going to spotless for laser hair removal in December after about 7 months of doing electrolysis at another place. The electrolysis was too slow for my liking. I must say I am very happy with my experience thus far. The owner is extremely kind and knowledgeable. I was at first very scared to do laser because I have dark skin and was fearful of getting burned. She walked me through the process and how her laser was suitable for my skin. After just one session I saw that when my hair did begin to grow back it was a lot thinner. The only problem I have had is that I have developed slight skin darkening on the side of my stomach after my skin healed but other than that my experience has been incredible and I continue to go.
Ab Met
Ab Met
21:18 26 Apr 18
Spotless laser & electrolysis is the best place where I should go 3 years before . I waste so much money on other places. But now I know I came to the best place .Diljeet is so professional, knowledgeable and passionate.I feel very comfortable and relax in my every visit. I would like to say thank you to diljeet and highly recommended for best results.
Karamjit Dosanjh
Karamjit Dosanjh
06:52 27 Mar 18
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