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CoolSculpting Treatments

CoolSculpting: A way to get rid of the pudge that just won’t budge. It’s the latest cryolipolysis procedure sweeping the nation. When a diet and exercise don’t work, schedule a CoolSculpting treatment to eliminate stubborn fat cells. 

If you’re struggling with excess weight, you may feel self-conscious about wearing form-fitting clothing. CoolSculpting helps you tone and shrink fat that won’t go away with other weight loss methods. Finally, you can wear tight shirts and skinny jeans without feeling insecure!

Results are permanent; once the fat cells are destroyed, they’re gone for good. Achieve your ideal body weight with CoolSculpting. At Spotless Laser Medical Aesthetics, we offer this Health Canada-approved body sculpting treatment.

    What Is CoolSculpting?

    It’s a body contouring procedure where fat cells are frozen and eliminated. This non-surgical fat freezing procedure helps you lose weight for good. Once those fat cells are gone, they stay gone. Eliminate up to 25% of fat cells in the treatment area!

    If you’re dealing with lumps and bumps that won’t go away, you aren’t alone. CoolSculpting was specifically designed to target stubborn fat cells that are impervious to other weight loss methods.

    Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting is not painful. You won’t need to take time off work to recover for your appointment. And, you’re free to drive yourself home once your treatment is complete. It’s convenient, fast, and effective.

    Shave off those last few inches that are holding back your confidence. With CoolSculpting, you’ll feel ready to rock a swimsuit or form-fitting outfit in no time.

    With CoolSculpting, you can target problem areas like:

    • Chin

    • Abdomen

    • Thighs

    • Upper arms

    • Chest

    • Waist

    • Hips

    • Love handles

    • Under the chin 

    • Bra fat

    • Chest

    • Upper arm

    • Back fat

    • Flank

    • Abdomen

    • Under the buttocks

    • Thighs

    • Knees

    How It Works

    No incisions, no injections, and no downtime: That’s the power of CoolSculpting. Because fat cells freeze faster than skin cells, you can eliminate fat without damaging the surrounding skin.

    Here’s an overview of what your treatment might look like:

    First, we’ll set up a consultation, where we create drawings and physical assessments. During your first treatment, we will place the applicator on the treatment area. The application begins to cool and freeze fat cells. You’ll feel a cooling sensation around the area, but discomfort is minimal. The applicator draws in tissue using a vacuum, so you’ll also feel a suction sensation.

    On average, one applicator session takes one hour. Your appointment may be longer if you’re targeting multiple problem areas. While the applicator freezes fat cells, you’re free to listen to music, read a book, or watch a show.

    The applicator has built-in safety features for your protection. If temperatures drop too low, it automatically shuts down. You will also be monitored by one of our estheticians throughout your appointment.  

    To finish your treatment, we perform a 2 minute massage. 

    Since there’s no anaesthetic needed, you’re free to drive yourself home once your treatment is complete. 

    For optimal results, consider scheduling two or more treatments

    Benefits of CoolSculpting Treatment


    No incisions


    No injections


    No downtime

    Love from our loyal Patients

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    CoolSculpting Treatment
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is CoolSculpting right for me?

    Not all fat cells go away through diet and exercise. Some of them stick around despite your best efforts! To get rid of lingering problem areas, consider a CoolSculpting treatment. 

    CoolSculpting is not a suitable treatment for those dealing with obesity. It will permanently eliminate the fat cells targeted during the procedure, but it will not prevent weight gain that may occur afterward. 

    If you have any medical conditions, talk to your doctor before trying a CoolSculpting treatment. 

    CoolSculpting is most effective for those who already practise a healthy routine of diet and exercise. This treatment is not intended to replace dieting or exercising. To maintain your results, we recommend keeping up with your established routines.

    How CoolSculpting differs from traditional weight loss?

    So, what makes CoolSculpting different from conventional weight loss? While CoolSculpting is not a weight loss treatment, it can eliminate fat to result in inch loss.

    When you lose weight from diet and exercise, the fat cells don’t vanish. Instead, they shrink. The result is a leaner build but with pockets of fat cells that create lumps and bumps.

    CoolSculpting doesn’t relocate fat cells—it doesn’t shrink them—it eliminates them entirely. It freezes fat cells, causing them to die; then, your body metabolizes the cells and gets rid of them over the next few weeks and months. Watch as your problem areas shrink in size! 

    It takes time for your body to absorb dead fat cells. Results vary from client to client, but you can expect to notice a difference 2-6 months after your treatment.

    What are the side effects?

    In the hours following your appointment, you can expect mild swelling around the treated areas. You may also experience tenderness, redness, and mild bruising.

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