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Why Winter Is The Best Time For Laser Treatments

You’ve had your eye on a laser skin treatment for a while, but you haven’t made up your mind. Should you go for it or hold off?

Now that winter’s here, you have the perfect opportunity to try that treatment you’ve been eyeing. The time to call up your favourite laser clinic and book that appointment is finally here!

What makes the cold weather such a perfect time to book a laser treatment? When the snow falls, it’s your time to pamper your skin, from laser hair removal to IPL therapy. Here’s why:

Less Sun Exposure

What’s the number one thing that can affect your healing process after a laser treatment?

The sun.

Your skin is always sensitive to UV rays. But right after laser treatment, it’s especially sensitive. The new tissues your skin generates after treatment are photo-sensitive and particularly susceptible to sun damage. 

In the summertime, sunlight is everywhere you go. It shines on your face when you’re in the car. It burns on your back as you walk. And it affects any skin you leave exposed, from your arms to your legs. 

On top of that, the heat alone can be damaging to your skin as it heals.

With winter, you can avoid both of these issues! Not only is the weather cooler and less sunny, but you spend most of the time inside. Let your skin heal safely when you’re bundled up under your winter parka or cozy blankets at home.

Give Yourself More Time To Heal

If you’re dreaming of getting perfectly tanned skin next summer, then now’s the time to schedule laser hair removal! If you book your laser treatments in the summer, you’ll need to let your skin heal, which means you have to skip suntanning season.

By the time summer rolls around, you’ll be ready to take on the beach without the hassle of constantly shaving and waxing. Book a skin resurfacing treatment in the winter, and your skin will look radiant just as you’re ready to show off your skin again. 

Winter maintenance makes sense because as your skin heals, you can hide it under wool sweaters and long pants. This is ideal if you have sensitive or dry skin. If you feel shy about showing your skin as it recovers, this gives you just another reason to try laser treatments in winter. You can cover up in warmer clothes as your body sheds dead skin cells.

Brighten Up Those Winter Blues

The winter weather can feel dreary. After months of precipitation, lack of sunshine, and cold weather, you need something to add something bright to your life. Why not pamper yourself with laser treatment?

IPL laser treatments can help you alleviate insecurities about acne scars, pigmentation, or fine lines. 

The outside weather won’t seem so dreary when inside.  Your skin is glowing brighter than ever. Pamper yourself this winter by scheduling a skin rejuvenation treatment. 

Better for Targeting Pigmentation

Does your skin tend to tan in the summertime and get paler in the winter? If so, winter is the best time to treat issues like hyperpigmentation. Depending on the type of laser used, the treatment may be more effective when your skin is slightly paler. 

While winter might signal the end of your glowing, tanned skin, it also signals the perfect opportunity to treat your skin concerns.

Target Issues Caused by Cold Weather

Are you dealing with skin texture caused by the harsh winter air? With our laser resurfacing treatments, we can transform your complexion. 

If you’re tired of skin that looks dry and textured, now’s the time to book a skin treatment. You don’t need to put up with self-consciousness about your skin. 

Prepare Your Skin for Next Summer

Skin that’s smooth from your head to your toes—that’s the dream.

But between each shaving session, you’re left with prickly hairs that pop up days later. This is especially annoying during swimsuit season. You’re forced to shave nearly every day to stay on top of it.

Laser hair removal treatment is a long-lasting solution. And by starting your treatments now, you can ensure you’ll be ready for next summer! Laser hair removal takes multiple sessions, each spaced a few weeks apart. Over the course of several treatments, you can destroy hair follicles so those hairs don’t grow back. After your initial few treatments, you’ll just need the occasional maintenance session.

That’s what makes winter such a perfect time for laser hair removal. If you’ve been on the fence about it, now’s the time to take the (polar) plunge. 

Book Your First Laser Treatment Today!

The clock is ticking. Before winter melts away, start your laser treatment plan. Since most types of lasers take multiple treatments, the sooner you book your first appointment, the better. You’ll have glowing, healthy skin just in time for summer. 

At Spotless Laser clinic in Surrey, we love helping our clients feel more confident in their skin, whether that’s through laser hair removal or microneedling. When you book a consultation, we’ll discuss your skin goals and develop a treatment plan to help you achieve them.

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