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Hydration Spray-D20


Based on the Ylang Ylang skin extract, D20 Hydration Spray is a facial mist which provides hydration and a plump look to your skin.  Sometimes known as "Baby Skin", your skin will be soothed and protected with the ingredients found in our Hydration Sprays.


D20 Hydration Spray is a facial mist based on Ylang Ylang which assists to hydrate & plump your skin cells. D20 Hydration Spray contains ingredients to calm and protect the skin.

Main Features of D20 Hydration Spray

    • A mist that helps to plump and hydrate the skin.
    • Perfect for a dryer skin or someone seeking extra hydration.
    • Sets your mineral makeup for a long lasting, smooth finish.
    • Works great to wet brushes to turn powders into eyeliner.
    • A natural and organic cosmetic item certified by Ecocert Greenlife.


    • Can be applied on top of any mineral foundation to help set the minerals for longer wear.

    • Can also be used on top of Purepressed or Amazing Base to build coverage between the layers without getting a “makeup look”.
    • Can be used to freshen up any time of the day or sprayed on gauze and used as a toner after cleansing.

Key Ingredients

  • Ylang ylang flower extract balances oil in the skin.
D20 Hydration Spray has Chamomile flower extract which calms inflammation, reduces dryness and redness, and provides antiseptic properties.

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