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Laser Hair Removal In Surrey

You want to enjoy the spectacular sights in Surrey, BC—the rich culture, the epic mountains, and the peaceful parks—without worrying about unwanted hair. We hear you. And that’s why we offer laser hair removal in Surrey, BC.

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If you’re looking for hair removal treatments, you’re in the right place. At Spotless Laser Medical Aesthetics, we tailor your treatment based on your goals, skin type, and hair colour. With our professional hair removal treatments and custom solutions, we go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. 

Our hair removal treatments are suitable for all genders. After all, who among us doesn’t deal with unwanted hair? 

At our laser clinic, we use the latest technology to offer permanent hair reduction. Book your consultation today!

How Does Laser Removal Work? 

So, what makes laser hair removal permanent, even though shaving and waxing aren’t? Here’s how it works:

With laser hair removal, the hair follicle is targeted and destroyed using a wavelength of light. Another hair removal treatment we offer, electrolysis, uses an electric current to destroy the hair follicle. 

In short: Laser hair removal uses light energy to eliminate hair follicles, whereas electrolysis uses electrical current. Both treatments offer effective and long-lasting results. If you aren’t sure which one to try, schedule a consultation; we’ll be happy to help. 

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Ever planned a beach day in Surrey, only to realize you forgot to shave or wax? Imagine if you never had to deal with that inconvenience again. That’s what you can expect from our permanent hair removal treatments. 

Say goodbye to the sharp pain of waxing or the dreaded itch of razor burn. With our laser treatments, you’ll feel comfortable during and after your service. Get results that last and save the time you used to spend shaving, waxing, or tweezing.

On average, you need 5-10 laser hair removal treatments for optimal results. That might seem like a lot at first, but think of how often you shave or wax. Over your lifetime, you probably shave hundreds of times. After a few laser treatments, you’ll never have to shave again!

Hair Growth Cycle

To give you a clearer picture of how our hair removal treatments work, it’s helpful to understand the hair growth cycle:

Hair grows in four stages: Anagen (active growth phase), Catagen (transition phase), Telogen (resting phase), and Exogen (shedding phase).  

With both laser hair removal and electrolysis, our estheticians target hair follicles when they’re actively growing. Since not all hair follicles are in the Anagen phase at once, you’ll need multiple treatments (spaced out over several months) for total coverage. This will ensure that every hair follicle is completely eliminated.

Pre & Post Care

With any hair removal treatment, the most important thing to remember is to avoid sun exposure before and after your treatment. If you plan to be outside, use sunscreen!

Before your treatment, be sure to cleanse your skin of any oils, creams, or makeup. Shave the area ahead of time, too. 

If your skin feels sensitive following your treatment, you can apply aloe vera to soothe the area. 

Find Your Hair Removal Treatment

At Spotless Laser Medical Aesthetics, we offer the following hair removal treatments:

Laser hair removal

Our Surrey laser hair removal treatments are cost-effective and long-lasting. We use advanced lasers to destroy hair follicles and permanently reduce hair growth. Get rid of hair on the face, body, arms, legs, and more. Our laser treatments are available for those with all skin tones.


We offer two types of electrolysis hair removal treatments:

  • Thermolysis. The hair follicle is destroyed through electrocoagulation. The electrolysis needle tip is inserted into the hair follicle, where it emits high-frequency radio energy to agitate it. The hair cell heats up and breaks down. 

  • Blend. Also known as the dual action method, this treatment uses a combination of thermolysis and chemical decomposition to get rid of unwanted hair. We use

Other Services Offered

We do more than hair removal at our clinic! At Spotless Laser Medical Aesthetics, we also offer the following:

Skin treatments

Want to reverse the signs of aging? Trying to get rid of scars or pigmentation? Dreaming of glowing, supple skin? With our skin and laser treatments, we target all these common concerns. Our other services include:

  • Botox. We use Botox to treat facial wrinkles near the mouth, eyes, forehead, and more.

  • Filler. Add volume and youthfulness to your face with dermal fillers.

  • ZO peels & facials. Restore the surface of your skin with chemical peels and facials.

  • IPL (intense pulsed light therapy). Correct and refine your skin with IPL, which boosts collagen production and targets pigmentation. 

  • Clear and Brilliant. Treat aging skin with this gentle laser procedure, which rejuvenates and repairs mature skin.

  • Superfrecator. A non-invasive treatment that helps resurface the skin with an electrical current. 

  • Dermaplaning. This deeply exfoliating treatment helps eliminate fine hairs and dead skin cells. 

  • Venus Viva. Reduce scarring, enlarged pores, and deep wrinkles with this skin resurfacing treatment. 

  • Laser Genesis. The laser gently heats the skin to get rid of skin texture, redness, and wrinkles.

  • Laser Facials. Get even, smooth skin with a laser facial treatment.

Microneedling treatments

Our estheticians use the medical-grade SkinPen to trigger your body’s natural healing process and remove scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks. 

Other services

We also offer:

  • Venus Freeze. We use radio frequency technology to smooth, tighten, and restore your skin.

  • CoolSculpting. Freeze away stubborn fat with this cryolipolysis procedure.

Understanding Your Needs

What are your skincare goals? When you schedule a consultation, our expert estheticians can assess your skin type and determine which treatment will provide the best results.

Book a consultation today!

If you aren’t sure which hair removal treatment is right for you, we can help. At Spotless Laser Medical Aesthetics, we assist our clients in Surrey, BC, to get rid of unwanted hair for good. Schedule your consultation today!

Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions

What type of laser do you use at Spotless Laser?

We use three different types of lasers (Diode, Nd:YAG, and IPL) depending on your skin and hair type.

How many treatments does laser hair removal take at your clinic?

For most clients, it takes 5-10 appointments to achieve their desired results. Your treatment time will vary based on your hair removal goals, skin type, and hair type. 

What kind of results can I expect from laser removal?

Your results improve with each treatment. Over time, you’ll notice a permanent or significant reduction in hair growth.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Yes! For many patients, hair growth is permanently altered. In some cases, the hair takes much longer to grow back, and when it comes in, it’s finer and lighter.