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Concern: Anti-Aging

Your skin affects the way you feel about yourself. You see your face every morning, and it’s the first thing people see when they interact with you. If you feel self-conscious about wrinkles, age spots, or sagging skin, those thoughts may pester you every day.

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Looking to reverse the signs of aging? We can’t turn back the clock, but we can change the way it affects our skin.

Maybe you’ve tried anti-aging products in the past, but the results haven’t impressed you. At Spotless Laser Medical Aesthetics, we offer treatments that work. 

Our professional solutions address all kinds of skin concerns. We tailor our skincare solutions based on your skin type. With our wide array of skin rejuvenation services, we aim to treat all signs of aging.

What Makes Skin Age?

Some people seem to defy the laws of aging. Despite their years, their skin stays smooth, supple, and wrinkle-free. How do they do it?

The rate at which we age is caused by both genetic and environmental factors. A few factors that affect the aging process include:

Sun damage

All your life, you’ve been told to wear sunscreen before you go outside. There’s a reason for this: UV rays are incredibly harmful to your skin, and the damage shows as you get older. When you go outside, be sure to use a high SPF sunscreen, and reapply it as needed.

Weight loss

It’s common for adults to lose weight as they age. This may result in loose or sagging skin near the jaw and neck.

Facial movements

After years of using our facial muscles, we develop fine lines and wrinkles; you’ve probably heard them referred to as crow’s feet, smile/laugh lines, and bunny lines.

Smoking & alcohol use

The muscles used to smoke cigarettes can lead to wrinkles near the mouth. Drinking alcohol causes dehydration, which can cause the skin to become dry and wrinkled. 

Loss of collagen and elastin

As we age, our bodies don’t produce as much collagen (which helps skin stay strong, hydrated, and firm) or elastin (which helps skin stretch and stay flexible). It also takes longer to shed dead skin cells.

Our Services for Anti-Aging

With our anti-aging treatments, we can increase collagen production and improve your overall skin appearance. We offer minimally invasive procedures designed to target your specific concerns.

At our medical clinic, here’s what we can do for you:

Intense pulsed light treatments (IPL)

Using the DermaLase device, we can restore your skin to create a more youthful appearance. IPL treatments boost collagen regeneration to produce an even complexion. This treatment can correct common anti-aging concerns, including rosacea, age spots, and spider veins. 


This process stimulates the body’s natural healing process and triggers collagen. For this reason, microneedling is sometimes referred to as collagen induction therapy.

It’s a fast, comfortable, and powerful way to treat the signs of aging. Following your treatment, you can expect plumper skin and reduced marionette lines. 

See the difference that microneedling makes by scheduling your first treatment today!

Botox & filler

At Spotless Laser Medical Aesthetics, we have the certifications and expertise to administer injectables. 

Dermal fillers restore the plump look of youthful skin, which often deteriorates with age. They lift areas that are sagging to create a voluminous look. Soft tissue fillers can restore the shape and firmness of mature skin.

Botox is used to relax the facial muscles and smooth out wrinkles. After your treatment, your skin will appear tighter, and wrinkles will be diminished. 

Botox and dermal fillers are only temporary; on average, Botox lasts 3 months, and filler lasts from 6-12 months. For long-lasting results, consider combining injectables with another anti-aging treatment. 

Laser hair removal

Are you dealing with unwanted hair? It’s common for hormones to fluctuate as you age, which may result in hair growth on the face, chest, or limbs. 

We offer laser treatments to remove unwanted hair from all areas of the body. Say goodbye to the hassle of shaving with a permanent hair removal solution.

What are the causes

Cause 1

Dry skin

Cause 2

Wrinkles and fine lines (especially near the eyes, mouth, and forehead)

Cause 3

Thin skin

Cause 6


Cause 5

Transparent skin

Cause 6

Loose skin

Cause 7

Age spots

Anti Aging Frequently Asked Questions

How should a skincare routine change with age?

In your early 20s, a great skincare routine involves a combination of sunscreen, deep moisturizers, and cleansers before bed. But as you age, you can start using skin care products with retinoids; this helps soften wrinkles and increases collagen production. 

What is the best procedure to look younger?

The answer varies depending on which anti-aging concerns you’re targeting. If you’re reducing fine lines, consider microneedling. For age spots and broken blood vessels, our IPL treatments are your best bet. Schedule a consultation to learn more about your options. 

What is a chemical peel?

During this facial treatment, an esthetician will apply a chemical solution that treats the surface layer of your skin. It’s an effective way to target dry skin, fine lines, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. To target wrinkles that are deeper within the skin, we recommend laser treatments or injectables. 

What is microneedling?

It’s a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses advanced technology to target acne scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles. We offer microneedling services at our clinic; contact us to schedule an appointment. 

When should I start booking anti-aging services?

You may be wondering how soon is too soon to start preventative skin care. Some of our clients choose to start getting Botox in their 20s; this is done to freeze the muscles and prevent wrinkles from forming. 

When you start noticing a change in the appearance of your skin, consider changing your skincare routine or scheduling one of our services.