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Want Perfect Skin For Summer? Hint: Get Started with Skin Rejuvenation early!

Want Perfect Skin For Summer? Hint: Get Started with Skin Rejuvenation early!

Get Your Timing Right for Skin Rejuvenation Appointments

Summer is wedding season, patio season and vacation season. You get the point - mainly that you want, no - you need - to have great-looking skin for all the social events you have on your calendar. If your goal is to achieve fabulous skin by summer, then you need to get serious about your facial rejuvenation now. There's no time to waste.

Why the urgency? That's because skin rejuvenation treatments for the face and body have downtime. Additionally, they're often performed in a series here at our laser rejuvenation clinic in Burnaby. This requires the necessary time in between to recover and be ready for your next procedure.

For example, laser skin resurfacing can have a time frame of three months or longer. Whether you're going more aggressive or prefer gentler procedures, the timing may be the same. 

Below we'll outline your skin rejuvenation goals and how much time you'll need to budget for treatment.

Full Facial Rejuvenation: Halo Laser Skin Resurfacing

Halo laser resurfacing targets a myriad of skin concerns including fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture and discoloration. It's also an excellent acne laser treatment. This cutting-edge laser procedure works by combining ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to precisely target damaged skin layers, stimulating collagen production and promoting cellular turnover.

By starting Halo treatments in April, you can capitalize on the optimal laser skin rejuvenation timing. You'll need around 2-3 months to allow ample time for your skin to undergo its transformative process and reveal a luminous complexion just in time for the summer months.

Halo Laser Timing: a series of 2-3 Halo sessions spaced four to six weeks apart is recommended to achieve optimal skin rejuvenation results.

Sun Damage & Skin Tone: BBL - IPL Skin Rejuvenation

If you want to flaunt your make-up free face this summer, then we recommend starting with BBL (BroadBand Light) treatments as early as April. Why BBL? It works by delivering bursts of light energy to targeted areas of the skin, being absorbed by red and brown pigment. This process selectively zaps away unwanted pigment while stimulating collagen production and promoting cellular regeneration. 

This minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure is considered by many the best skin rejuvenation treatment for pigmentation. Available at Spotless Laser, a beauty clinic near me, it harnesses the power of intense pulsed light (IPL) to address a variety of other skin concerns, including sun damage, acne scars, rosacea, and vascular lesions. The best part, there's minimal downtime and virtually no discomfort.

BBL Timing: a typical course of BBL treatment is 3-6 sessions spaced approximately four to six weeks apart, allowing for gradual improvement in skin tone, texture, and overall appearance.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments On-The-Go: Laser Genesis, Pico & Clear + Brilliant

If you're like most people, busy and can't afford days of downtime to recover from a procedure, then consider less invasive treatments such as Laser Genesis, Pico Laser and Clear + Brilliant. Each of these technologies offer highly effective skin resurfacing and rejuvenation with much less downtime. Keep in mind, however, that also means you may need more sessions with minimally-invasive procedures to achieve similar results.

Laser Genesis: 

Popular for skin rejuvenation, Laser Genesis can give you that perfect summer glow without the need for extensive downtime. It's a powerful Nd:YAG laser that's safe for most skin types and ethnic backgrounds.

It stimulates collagen production to improve skin tone, scars, texture, and reduce signs of aging. This gentle treatment is perfect if you're looking to freshen up your skin without the inconvenience of a lengthy recovery period.

Pico Laser:

Unlike other lasers, Pico delivers ultra-short bursts of energy to the skin, targeting specific areas with precision. This highly controlled laser skin treatment allows for the removal of damaged skin without causing unnecessary harm to the deeper layers. 

 A series of treatments can vaporize wrinkles, texture and pigmentation issues such as age spots, helping you achieve a more youthful and radiant complexion just in time for summer. Is it the best laser facial? Maybe. Most people find Pico a very gentle and comfortable treatment experience.

Clear + Brilliant:

Featuring fractional laser technology, Clear + Brilliant emits laser energy in a grid-like pattern, creating thousands of microscopic thermal zones in the skin. This process stimulates the body's natural healing response, promoting collagen production and improving overall skin texture, health and appearance.

Clear + Brilliant offers a quick recovery time, making it the perfect face laser if you're looking to achieve smooth, youthful skin without the downtime. Whether you're concerned with anti-aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, or simply want to enhance your skin's radiance, Clear + Brilliant is a fantastic choice to kickstart your journey to perfect skin this summer.

The big takeaway is that these devices use highly effective technologies but are still extremely gentle, allowing you to seamlessly fit them into your busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

Less Invasive Treatments Timing: With less intense laser treatments you may need anywhere from 3-10 sessions, spaced 2-6 weeks apart, depending on your aesthetic goals, skin condition and recommendation made during your consultation by your medical aesthetician.

Need to Glow Up Before a Special Occasion? The HydraFacial!

The HydraFacial is not just a facial! It's an advanced skincare procedure, and perhaps the "best facial for skin rejuvenation," according to our clients. Our skincare experts at Spotless Laser skin care clinic (located near Vancouver) consider it to be an extension of your skin care routine. 

The HydraFacial treatment uses patented vortex technology  (swirling jet of water) to deep-clean your pores while delivering specialized serums into your skin that focus on hydration, exfoliation and anti-aging.

HydraFacial Timing: You see instant results with the HydraFacial but the magic happens 3-7 days later. With your pores deep-cleansed and gunk removed, your skin will breathe and calm down, revealing a beautiful glow. Consider it the perfect pick-me-up before any big event on your calendar.

Want flawless skin this summer? We invite you to book your complimentary consultation today at Spotless Laser clinic, Burnaby to learn more about which series of treatments are right for you. Contact us.