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Results to Expect from a Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment

No one has perfect skin – but many people strive to overcome common issues like enlarged pores, sun damage, and fine lines. Whether you are working to keep your complexion clear or want to reverse or slow the signs of aging, the Clear and Brilliant Laser treatment is a great option to consider.

What is the Clear and Brilliant Laser?
This treatment uses laser technology to resurface the skin gently. As the laser moves across your skin, it creates many microscopic pinpoints on the surface of the skin. This damage promotes collagen production as the skin works to remove the dead cells and generates new, younger-looking cells.
As collagen production goes up, many patients notice a decrease in common complaints relating to aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, melasma, and big pores.
The benefit of choosing the Clear and Brilliant technology instead of other types of lasers is that you can improve your skin with minimal downtime. For example, different types of laser resurfacing cause facial inflammation, but the Clear and Brilliant Laser makes it possible for you to return to regular activities within a day.

What to Expect: Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment
What should you expect if you decide to move forward with the Clear and Brilliant Laser treatment? Here’s a quick overview:

1. Consultation: We always recommend a consultation to determine the right skincare treatments for your skin type. Our experienced team will help you decide if this laser treatment is right for you during this consultation.

2. Numbing Cream:On the day of the appointment, the first step is to apply numbing cream, so you don’t feel the discomfort of the laser.

3. Time:  The laser treatment only takes about 30 minutes. You simply need to relax in the chair while the laser is being used on your skin.

4. Finishing Up:  Next, the numbing cream is rinsed off, and we finish off the treatment with a serum and/or sunblock to protect your skin when you step outside.

5. Recovery: Expect your skin to be a bit pink and tender after the treatment. Be proactive about avoiding sunlight and using good skincare products to protect your skin during recovery.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Team
If you want to enjoy a youthful appearance, then the Clear and Brilliant Laser + Melasma Treatment can be an essential part of your personalized treatment plan. We also offer other skin care services, including a Hydrafacial or BBL Facial. Schedule a consultation so our team can help with selecting the ideal treatments to help with your skincare goals.